Double Diamond Slot

The Double Diamond slot game is one of those slot games that offers a unique new concept to the world of online slot that people have rarely seen before. The game is quite popular among player due to its low wagering demands and simplicity. The game comes with a multiplier feature and decent RTP to ensure you come back for more.
The game comes with classic three reels and one payline, unbelievable right? The game has a maximum wager of three coins, but you can win a maximum of 2500 coins. That’s not all the goodies about this online slot. Continue below to find out more information.

Double Diamond Theme & Graphics

The Double Diamond game is designed to give players a nostalgic feeling. The design of the game sees the reels designed with LED lights and the symbols on the reels include diamonds, cherries, lucky number seven and several coloured BAR symbols. The idea for this game was for it to be played on live casinos. However, the success it achieved there has given the game that Las Vegas feeling which makes it more worthwhile.
The simplicity of this game will catch the attention of any player, especially those looking for a trend from the past or those that may have played the game at live casinos. Whether you’ve played Double Diamond at a land-based casino or online, you can attest to the experience from this casino to be of high standards. One that would ensure you recommend the game to others.

Double Diamond Buttons

The paytable for Double Diamond slot is the same at live casinos as well as online. So you can expect to experience the same mode of operation. Both the live casino and land-based casino features three reels and a single payline which makes this game perfect for players who prefer to play games without unnecessary extras. If you want to win this game, know that you can risk one-three credits with the size of your potential winning increasing as your bets increases. The following symbols would offer the following winning potentials;
One Cherry – getting one cherry gives a player two, four or six credits.
Any two Cherries or three bar symbols of any type – land this combination and win five, ten, and fifteen credits
Three Cherries or Three Bars – Getting any of these would result in winning a payout of ten, twenty, or thirty credits.
Three Double Bars – offers a payout of twenty-five, fifty and seventy-five credits.
Three Triple Bars – offers a payout of forty, eighty, or one-twenty credits.
These are not all the symbols as there are still more offering different payout rates.
This old school slot game comes with one payline so that players can stake from £0.10 to £1,000 on that payline per spin. For them to win big on this game, they have to chase the top payout where they can earn over a thousand times their stake. This game though lacks the Auto-spin feature, so you have to control the game all through your playtime manually.

How to Play Double Diamond Slots

With the evolution of technology, slots have become brighter, louder and more complicated. While some people would enjoy the experience of modern-day evolution, there are still those who prefer the old way of playing slot. If you belong to the latter category, then the Double Diamond slot machine is for you.
The game comes with a single payline and three reels, so there’s no chance of getting overwhelmed by numerous options. To play this machine, you’re limited to three credits, but it accepts denominations ranging from twenty-five cents to five dollars or even higher if you’re lucky. After placing your bet, all you need to do left is hit the spin button.
Hitting the spin button would handle all the settings and make all the tough decisions for the players, so you don’t have to choose how the bet plays. All you need to do is insert your credits and let the game do the rest.

Double Diamond Game Features

Due to the number of reels the Double Diamond slot has, the slot machines don’t offer up many features in terms of free spins, jackpots, Auto Spins, or even bonus round games. This means there aren’t many typical slot features on offer. However, there is a multiplier effect which comes to effect with the wild symbols. To ensure that one hits the biggest payouts, players would need to land the wild symbols represented as the Double Diamond Symbol.
So if you land one wild symbol on your payline, you get a double multiplier effect.
If you win two wild symbols, you get x4 multiplier.
If you win three or more Double Diamonds Symbols, you get x1000 multiplier.
The x1000 multiplier effect is highly valuable and covers up for the missing jackpot feature. I know lots of you don’t play this type of featureless game. However, you should aim to hit wild symbols as they would ensure you go home with a valuable payout.

Double Diamond RTP & Volatility

IGT lists the return to player of this game to be 95.08%. This rate of return is just average and wouldn’t offer much per spin. There are many more online slots which provide higher RTP ratings where you can win more earnings. If you’re not satisfied with this rate, you can find another game.
The RTP is a measure of the type of returns you should expect playing this game overtime in any playing sessions. However, for those playing with a sizeable bankroll, you may need to choose other games with higher than normal RTP. This would ensure you’re able to win big and make up for any losses acquired.
The Double Diamond slot offers a medium to high volatility variance which means the game offers unpredictable payouts but with higher wins which thrills the players despite its aesthetics and music displaying the casinos of old. The game provides enough variance to entertain its players but not so much as a run of bad games will likely reduce your bankroll. However, the game is perfect for players who want to enjoy distractions while waiting for bigger events to begin.

Double Diamond Jackpot

There is no jackpot feature added to this game, but the game holds a promise of offering 1000x win in a winning line of three wilds. This offering is the highest payout due to the number of paylines associated with this game.

Double Diamond for the Beginner

IGT offers some of the best casino slots available in the industry. As a beginner, you have to always look out for all the details of the casino you wish to play. This way you’re updated with their features and terms and condition. For Double Diamond online game, you get a great welcome pack when you sign up to a great casino.
You also get some free credits together with a matching first deposit bonus of up to $2500. Players can kick start their career with a $ 10 no deposit bonus. You also get a match deposit bonus of up to $300 with reduced wagering demands.

Double Diamond for the Seasoned Gamer

For the more seasoned players, you may have seen better slots with more ways to win. However, Double Diamonds pokie only has 27 ways to win. IGT made the maximum payout to be 1000x your bet. So for you to win this payout, you have to land the Double Diamond symbol in three places across the reels on the chosen payline.
So if you have a bit free time on your hands, and you want to do something for fun, then this slot if for you. However, we do not recommend this slot for frequent or prolonged play.

Double Diamond Slots on Mobile- Android, iPhones and Tablets

The design of this slot is quite simple with little or no fuss about its features which makes it’s possible for playing on mobile. IGT has added several improvements to the game over the last decade which has improved its gameplay and design.
The developers of the game have tested the software on all devices and found the game to function smoothly across all devices. There is no dedicated software app to this game, but players can access this game at their favourite online casino through their mobile browsers.
Why not go check it out today if you need somewhere to squeeze in a few spins.


Unless you’re the type of player to love only classics, there’s not much to recommend the Double Diamond slot. However, the game does enough to hold a player’s attention down, making it quite hard to forget.


How does one bet on Double Diamond?

To bet on double diamond slot, you need to adjust the line bet on the screen which displays the current bet per line. After selecting your stake, press the spin button to submit your bet and to spin the reels.

Does the Double Diamond Slot have an Auto Play feature?

The Auto Spin feature is part of the Double Diamond Slot game where players can select the number of spins they want. However, it is only available in approved jurisdictions.

Is Double Diamond available on mobile?

Yes, you can find the Double Diamond slot available on your mobile devices. It is quite straightforward and easy to understand. Even a first-timer wouldn’t find it hard to figure out.

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