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Understanding exactly what a casino bonus entails is essential. It helps you know the reward value, how to get it, and its wagering requirements. Most rewards have underlining terms and conditions that can easily be overlooked if you are not careful. The deposit rewards, just like most rewards, are given by almost all online casinos. Just as the name suggests, users receive these rewards when they make a real money input into a casino. Another way to look at it is as a bonus gotten when you deposit money into your account. This brings us to:

What is a Deposit Bonus?

Just as stated earlier, the reward is gifts gotten when users make a deposit; it is usually given as a sign-up bonus. However, a reward can come in later as part of a promotional campaign. The money you deposit to get a reward is also called wagering requirements.

For more information on how the reward works and how it is allocated, you should look up the bonus terms and conditions. There are different types of rewards, each with its different rules; that’s more reason you need to understand its rules of the particular rewards you want to claim as they vary from platform to platform.

How to Find Deposit Bonuses?

Are you a new sign-up? Are you looking for a platform that offers newer games? Or are you just looking for a better platform? Either way, you are already aware that you are entitled to a reward once you sign-up for an online casino.

Finding a platform that offers a first-time reward shouldn’t be a problem; the best place to start is on the site itself; visit the site and try to sign-up, and you’ll be notified about the deposit reward and its terms and conditions. Other places to scout for rewards are:

Social Media

This is a good place to spot platforms that offer a reward and get a hint of their terms and conditions.

Review Sites

A review site is another good place to get information about the type of reward the platform offers.

What are the Benefits of a Deposit Bonus?

To answer this question directly, a real-money input reward is a free money. If you have a small budget or you simply don’t want to spend too much money on casino games, this free money is a great way to enjoy your favorite games without spending a dime. It gives you the liberty to play expensive games that you ordinarily wouldn’t have played or enjoy your favorite games for a longer period.

There is no platform in the online casino industry that doesn’t offer a deposit reward. It has become a tradition. You’ll either receive the bonus as you register and make your first deposit.

Everybody is entitled to this offer. Different platforms require different wagering conditions. One common condition attached is that you cannot use your bonus except you make a deposit. You can only use your reward money on the website to play, you are not allowed to cash out the reward. However, you can use it to win cash; your winnings can then be withdrawn without costing you a cent.

Types Of Deposit Bonuses

There are different forms that rewards can come; here is a breakdown of some of the most popular first-time rewards you will encounter.

Match Up Bonus

This is common; you’ll barely see an online casino that does not offer a form of the welcome package; most of these packages require a real money input before users can make use of the bonus cash. It’s either there’s a fixed deposit rate or a match bonus formula.

Match Up Bonus has a specific condition. Sometimes it is 100% of what you deposited. What this means is that if you deposit 100 AUD, you’ll instantly receive a value of 100 AUD.

However, some generous casinos offer up to 200% of what was deposited. Most times, they limit the amount you can deposit.

2nd and 3rd Deposit Bonus

Some online casino platform offers you a reward from your first to third deposit, in some cases up to your 4th and even 5th deposit. As you make more deposits, your match bonus reduces; here’s what I mean, you may get 100% on your first deposit, 75% on 2nd deposit, and so on.

There’s usually no fixed rule. Different casinos use their unique formulas; sometimes, the last match bonus may be higher than the middle two (the match bonus of the fourth may be higher than that of the second and third).

Reload Bonus

Another form of reward is the reload bonus. This bonus comes anytime you make a deposit, although not every time; it occasionally comes, sometimes weekly, monthly, or on special occasions. Some generous casinos will give you a 100% match reward. It is rare so expect a match bonus of between 20% to 50%.

This bonus is set up to keep you glued to their platform so you won’t go around looking for a sign-up bonus; they also have their bonus conditions and wagering requirements attached.

High Roller Bonus

This bonus is usually for high spenders, players who are likely to make massive deposits. They can come in the form of reload bonuses, one-time specials, or welcome offers. Here the minimum you can deposit is higher than the other reward. The usual match amount is 100%.

Like other types of the deposit bonus, you have to read the bonus conditions and wagering terms and conditions. But since it has a higher amount of deposit, the conditions are going to be different.

Free Spins

This is similar to the other bonus; however, getting them is a little bit different. What it entails is allowing users to make a spin and see what they can get. They are allowed to make a specific number of spin depending on how generous the platform is.

Like the other bonus, free spin also has its wagering requirements, which are slightly different.

Can You Win Real Money Using a Deposit bonus?

The answer is yes; you can win real money and withdraw your winnings after you have deposited real money. Once you’ve made a real-money input, ensure you play in real money mode, else you’ll waste your chances in practice mode. This also has its terms and conditions attached.

All platforms and all types of deposit bonus requires you to meet a play-through before can cash out your winnings. Here’s what I mean, if the play-through requirement is ×50 and you win, you’ll have to bet your winnings 50 times that’s 500AUD. The terms and conditions vary from platform to platform, so you need to go through the terms and understand in detail thoroughly its requirements.

The different deposit bonus is available on the online gambling platform. If you want to win real money with the deposit bonus, start by ensuring that the site you are using is credible; check what reviews online, its registration, and certification status to verify its credibility.

A deposit bonus with low play-through requirements is more favorable to players. This is more favorable because it is easier, and you will be able to cash out earlier than usual. Bonus is a good way for new players to learn the ropes without losing too much money.
What is the difference between Deposit Bonus, No Deposit, and a Welcome Bonus?

Unlike the deposit bonus, the no deposit bonus is usually a very small amount of promotional cash new sign-ups receive, and they don’t have to make a deposit. Once they sign up, they are qualified for the bonus automatically. It also comes in the form of free spins or casino chips.

On the other hand, the sign-up bonus is a reward given to players for signing up for a platform. Signup bonuses can come in the form of a deposit and no deposit bonus.

No deposit bonus is usually a few dollars; if you are lucky, you’ll get up to 50 AUD, but the deposit rewards allow you to get a matching bonus of close to 100% in some cases. So, where no bonus is lacking, the deposit bonus makes up.
Before you accept or make use of the deposit reward, you need to go through every information you can get on the bonus. Start by going over the terms and conditions.

Don’t forget to only go for online casinos that have a good reputation online. The deposit bonus is free money. It has a lot of benefits, at the same time if you fail to adhere to the terms. Reading the long terms and conditions is tedious, and you might be tempted just to skip, but remember it is your hard-earned money, so you have to protect it at all cost.

After reading the terms, ask yourself the following questions;

  • How fair are the conditions?
  • Are the wagering requirements feasible?

If both answers are yes, you can go ahead and make use of the reward. Have it at the back of your mind that you can only have one bonus(at a time, at least for most platforms). Don’t forget to have fun while playing.


Who qualifies for the real money input reward?

Every new user who signs up is automatically qualified, and when the player makes his first deposit, he automatically qualifies to use the reward. Also, the user has to verify that he is 18 years or more, in some cases the user has to be 21+.

Is it safe to use a deposit reward?

Yes, it is safe, but you have to make sure you are using a credible platform. You also need to understand the terms and conditions attached to the reward and meet all its wagering requirements. If you fail to meet the wagering requirements, you may be denied when you attempt to cash out your winnings.

How to find the best offer in Australia?

Australia has many online casinos that are certified to operate within its jurisdiction, all its certified online casinos offer rewards to players. Visit the website; there’s a good chance that it would be stated whether they offer a reward and the terms and conditions attached. Social media, review sites, and blogs can also come in handy.

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