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One of the most profound gaming manufacturers that are blazing and dominating the current online gaming history in Australia is Aristocrat Leisure Limited Few companies can claim to hold much influence and grip on the gaming industry, and Aristocrat leads that pack. The reason for this assertion is quite obvious. Aristocrat Leisure Limited is based in Sydney, Australia, and has remained a top manufacturer of electronic gaming machines.
The company has come into a high reputation due to the popularity of her online pokie machines. The team at Aristocrat engages in the designs, production, and distribution of pokie machines.
The gaming machines are used for pokie activity across the world, and you may have seen many of them like Where’s the Gold, and more. People who have been to casinos recognise any Aristocrat machine from afar due to their distinct features.
In a way, Aristocrat has built up a unique brand for herself, and it is so easy to see why they are the current largest manufacturer of gaming machines in Australia. Plus, they are the second-biggest manufacturer of pokie machines worldwide, behind International Game Technology. The team at Aristocrat put in so much effort to create a gaming brand that is long-lasting and distinct.

Historical Overview of Aristocrat Slotss

The journey of Aristocrat Gaming Company began in 1953. It started as a company that was focused on creating gaming solutions for an enthusiastic public that yearned to play gambling games for profit and leisure. At the point of its beginning, the company’s license did not have wide coverage.
Currently, it is licensed in 240 gaming jurisdictions and has gaming operations in about 90 countries. Since its establishment in 1953, Aristocrat increased its reach into the European market and subsequently made public “Moon Money machine”, which became her first electronic slot machine. Also, it became the first in the entire world.
Aristocrat brought the stimulation of numerous technological advances in the Gaming industry. To solidify her place as a hub of innovation in the history of pokies, Aristocrat created the first 5-reel slot machine in the world. This success was unprecedented as pokies could have better gaming experiences that included some free features too.
All these achievements did not slow Aristocrat Pokie Industry down as they also launched their mega-successful all-electronic game “Wild West” in 1979. People immediately fell in love with the pokie as the company put in the same amount of intricate details into the game as it did for future games like Big Red, Queen of the Nile, and others.
After a long streak of successful products, Aristocrat was taken public in 1996 on the Australian Stock Exchange. It was a momentous leap that was followed by her securing of licence in Las Vegas Nevada.

Aristocrat’s Patented Technologies

For a big gaming company like Aristocrat, innovation was their watchword, and there was a need to patent the technologies they created. Being a pacesetter, Aristocrat harnessed the reel power technologies to create a mega-successful product list. These online products were included within the Global Class III, Class II and digital gaming markets.
One of Aristocrat’s boldest moves that yielded success was her acquisition of Product Madness, a digital gaming company. Before the acquisition, Product Madness was focused on getting success in the development of games for Facebook and Mobile. The merger ensured that Aristocrat got the best social online pokie games and combined them to her land-based slot machines.
One of the new online pokie machines that were very popular is “Heart Of Vegas.” Currently, the Heart of Vegas retains its position as the best grossing social casino iOS app within Australia.
Another business decision that strengthened Aristocrat Gaming was the acquisition of Video Gaming Technologies Inc. (VSG). A top class company that develops, manufactures, and distributes casino games to the Class II market, VSG has proven to be an excellent addition to the Aristocrat company. Upon her acquisition of VSG, Aristocrat has been able to launch popular Class II games that include Mr. Money Bags, Lucky Ducky, etc.

Most Popular Pokies From Aristocrat In Australia

To maintain her position as the leader of gaming manufacturers in Australia, Aristocrat has created online pokies that have done extremely well due to their brilliant gameplay, intricate designs, and bonus features. Let’s see some of them:

Big Red Slot

This is a major pokie developed by Aristocrat. Players immediately fall in love with this pokie game due to its high volatility. Any avid slot game player will tell you this: if it is highly volatile, the entertainment level would be high. Within the Big Red Slots, you have many free games that can help to increase your winnings exponentially.

When you first encounter the game, you will be drawn in by the many Australian outback elements within. You will see icons like Kangaroos, trees, eagles, dingoes, and more. Another element you will love is the unique graphics that the game uses.

Geisha Slot

Within Australia, Aristocrat has won the hearts of many gamers with the introduction of Geisha Slot. The Geisha slot is a 9 line game. To play, you have the opportunity to bet up to 45 credits, which are dependent on the denominations and correlations of credits. You will easily find Geisha slots at penny slot areas and high limit rooms, and it is very active with players.

Queen of the Nile

This is one of the most successful Aristocrat online pokies. It is the first of a trilogy: other parts of the trilogy are Queen of the Nile II, and Queen of the Nile Legends. An amazing feature of the Queen of the Nile slot is the symbols that have been incorporated into the gameplay.
The player spends time smiling with the Queen of the Nile while feasting eyes on other wonders of Egypt that makes it beautiful. The Queen of the Nile has bonus features to play which include the Wild Queens, Scattered Pyramids, Pyramid Free Spins etc.

Main Aristocrat Pokie Features

There are many features that have given Aristocrat Gaming her distinctive edge through the years of manufacturing, developing, and distributing gaming technologies. There have been those Eureka! moments when they created brilliant solutions that still continue to set them apart.
For Aristocrat, it isn’t just about creating games that have wild symbols, free spins, reel power, scatter and more; the goal is to create long-lasting gaming experiences that will increase player engagement. Here are some of the mind-blowing designs Aristocrat have come up with that trumps those of her competitors.

The Arc

This gaming solution came into the market in 2014. It had a curved cabinet alongside touch-screen technology, which brings a super-interactive gaming session. Players were so much intrigued by this innovation that it easily found its way to the Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products in 2014, a ranking always published by Casino Journal. For players at any Arc machine, the experience is immersive as they will see the sweeping screen design, feel the sleek touch-screens, and love the unique graphics.

The Helix

This is another unique technology that sets Aristocrat from other game makers due to its stunning player-oriented design. There is extra legroom for you, the player, and you can get it in upright, slant, and super screen slant modes.

Play Aristocrat Pokies for Real Money

The joy of playing an Aristocrat Pokie is that you have the potential to win big. Playing a casino pokie as a side hobby can be very good. In fact, there are so many Aristocrat slots that have free features that allow you to play without real money. In these free features, you get to hone your skill and understand the game plays better.
Another unique benefit of playing with real cash is the numerous bonus offers to multiply your winnings. Imagine, you can win so much from the slot games like Queen of the Nile, Big Red Slot, Geisha, etc. Just make sure you register with an online casino like ours and begin to play with real money.
Since you can play with real money, you can withdraw easily as well as there are bitcoin options if you want, along with other forms of withdrawal. Plus, you get available customer care service to help you sort issues that arise within eh gambling experience.

Mobile Aristocrat Pokies

One of the features that people look forward to in an online pokie is whether it is mobile-friendly. The world is developing at a very fast pace, and we cannot afford to remain stuck to playing games with our laptops or desktops. Hence, Aristocrat Gaming Technology ensures that all of her online slots are mobile-friendly.
The games are compatible with mobile operating systems like iOS and Android, which means pokies can also download the app for free to play the games. When downloading these games on mobile, you do not have to worry about privacy issues because Aristocrat is a well-known brand that cares for her games’ players.
Also, to facilitate easy understanding of the game on mobile, you can watch videos of reviews of the easiest pokies. You can also get lots of offers that give bonuses through your mobile gaming experience.

Aristocrat Progressive Jackpots

Aristocrat Progressive Jackpot is uniquely available for players within Australia. While playing a slot machine that offers a progressive jackpot, you get opportunities for increased winnings.


Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Aristocrat slots:

Where to play Aristocrat slots online?

Many places offer Aristocrat online pokies. You have the opportunity to play them with us as we have a wonderful array of Aristocrat pokies available for you.

Can I play Aristocrat free slots in Australia?

Yes. You can.

What Bonus Features Can I Find on Aristocrat Pokies?

There are so many bonus features that are available for you on Aristocrat Pokies. However, before you sign up for any of the bonuses, read up the terms and conditions. This will enable you to know the exact ways to win. Let’s examine some of them.
No deposit bonus
This is made available to you upon registration for an account. When you do, bonus funds will be made available for you to utilize. In some cases, you are given free spins instead. With the bonus funds, you will be able to get the hang of the game
Free Spins
Free spins are usually provided so you can try out many Aristocrat pokies. With the free spins, you can keep playing to win real money even if you don’t deposit your funds within. This helps to mitigate your early fears of losing money due to inexperience.
Matched Deposit
This is one of the most popular benefits available for players. Matched deposits are usually welcome offers that come with the new registration. It means that Aristocrat will match one or more of your first deposits on the platform.
In addition, it is important to note that the highest Return-to-player for any Aristocrat pokies is 97.04%. This is applicable within the Big Red Slot.

Is it safe to play Aristocrat slots?

Yes. It is legal and safe to play Aristocrat pokies at any time and within the places where it has been legalised. While you have the freedom and safety to play the game, we always advise that you play the game with your spare change and not your main source of income.


Aristocrat Pokies are really worth the hype. Their pokies are amazing, and you can see you have the opportunity to win big from them. Make sure you visit us today to register for your account and start winning!

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