First Deposit Bonuses

What is a First Deposit Bonus

A first deposit bonus is earned when a player makes his first deposit after creating a casino account. It should be noted that it is not directly linked with account creation; rather, it is linked with the first deposit made after creation. Usually, it is a percentage of the first deposit you make into your casino account after creation. The percentage varies among different casino operators, with some operators offering as high as 675%, which may also be in the form of free spins. There is usually an upper limit on the bonus that can be earned; for instance, one of the Casinos which operates in Australia offers 300% up to $2,000. This implies that irrespective of what the 300% of your first deposit is, the maximum bonus you can earn is $2,000. However, if 300% of your first deposit is less than $2,000, you will earn it in full. The first deposit bonus is usually wagered, i.e. for cash bonuses, withdrawal is usually attached to a condition that must be fulfilled before you can withdraw the cash, although on very few occasions it is possible to find casino operators that offer free withdrawals the latter is not as common.

How Does First Deposit Bonus Differ From Welcome Bonus?

They are similar in the sense that they are designed for new clients just signing up for a casino; they also serve the purpose of encouraging new players to play more; however, they are quite different. A welcome bonus is usually attached to creating a new account, with no deposit involved. One other thing to note is that it is usually in the form of free spins, thereby encouraging players to play more. On the other hand, as explained above, the first deposit bonus is earned when a player makes the first deposit into his account, and it is usually a cash gift (with or without free spins), and you have to fulfill certain requirements (a total deposit or a number of spins) for you to redeem the gift. It is also possible for some casino operators to combine both bonuses. More often than not, however, they are separate.

How Can I Find First Deposit Bonus?

As it has been previously said, it varies by casino operators; while some operators are so generous with it, others are not so generous. To find out about the first deposit bonus offered by any casino operator, you will have to visit the operator’s website. Information about the first deposit bonus and other bonuses offered by each casino operator is usually displayed on the operator’s website. There are also review sites that aggregate and compare first deposit bonuses that are offered by different casino players. Essentially, the internet is the tool you need to use to find it.

Identifying First Deposit Bonus

Usually, it is conspicuously displayed on the Casino’s website, as many operators believe it is one of their selling points. The best way to identify it is to consider a few examples and explain them in simple terms;

  • 100% Welcome Bonus up to $333 + 50 Free Spins
  • This implies that you’ll get an extra 100% on your first deposit. If you deposit $100, you’ll get $200. However, if you deposit $200, you will get only $333. It also offers 50 free spins that enable you to spin and earn extra money.
  • This first example is without any wagering requirement; let us consider another example that has a wagering requirement.
  • 100% match bonus up to 100$, 200 free spins, wagering requirements 20x
  • Like the first example, if you deposit $25, you’ll get $50. However, if you deposit $200, you can only get $100, which is the maximum that can be obtained. One huge advantage this bonus has, however, is its 200 free spins which can be used to spin for free and win more money.
  • What does a 20x wagering requirement mean?
  • A wagering requirement of 20x means you will need to play 20x before you are eligible to cash out your bonus. Using the example of the $50 earned above, it will imply that you will need to play (20 X 50), which is $1,000 to claim your bonus. It is important to meet this wagering requirement quite early because unclaimed bonuses expire. The expiry date, however, also varies by operator.

Types of First Deposit Bonus Offers

They can be in two forms,
Match Up Bonus: Most first deposit offers are in this form; they involve the transfer of a certain percentage of the deposit as a bonus into the players’ accounts. The maximum match bonus you can earn is set by the casino operator and is independent of the percentage offered, and it is solely determined by the generosity of the operators. Some of the times, first deposit offers are prerequisites to second deposit and third deposit offers.
Spin Bonus: Spin bonuses can be standalone or attached to a match-up bonus. Usually, they range from 10-100 and enable players to spin on dedicated slots and have the chance to earn more. However, earnings from the free spin are usually small, ranging from $0.1 – $1. Only on very rare occasions, will earnings from the spin bonus exceed $100.

How to Earn and Claim Your Deposit Bonus

To earn and claim your deposit will require the following steps;
1. Choose a Casino Site: Choosing a good casino site is the single most important step that is necessary to claim your deposit bonus. The factors that should influence your choice of a casino site should include:

  • Licensing: Choose a site licensed by the appropriate Australian licensing body.
  • Fairness and Security: Choose a site that will guarantee fair play and ensure that your personal and financial details are encrypted and well secured.
  • Withdrawal Payment: You want to choose a casino with fast payment processing, among other things.
  • Terms and conditions of the bonus: Watching out for its wagering requirement, expiry dates, whether or not it is cashable and total bonus accruable.

2. Sign up on the Casino Site: Fill in your personal details on the signup page and confirm your account through your email
3. Make your First Deposit: Before making your first deposit, you will be required to select the payment method you prefer for your account. Not all payment methods are compatible with the first deposit bonus; ensure that you choose a payment option that is compatible with it and complete your payment.
4. Meet Your Wagering Requirement: Whether your bonus is in the form of free spins or cash, there is usually a need to meet wagering requirements in the form of playing selected games. Play these games and make more cash.
5. Cash Out: Once your wagering requirement is fulfilled, cash out your earnings. If you have selected a cashable offer, you will be able to withdraw your earnings alongside the other earnings you have made from the games you played while trying to meet your wagering requirement.


This article should have provided you with an understanding of the first deposit bonus. The next time you are on the outlook for a new casino, you should check out the first deposit bonus it offers. Your in-depth understanding should help you make an informed choice of which casino package offers you the greater benefit. It is also very helpful to study the terms and conditions of the offer well enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is First Deposit Bonus Free?

It is completely free; however, to earn it, you will need to make a deposit. The bonus you will earn is based on the amount you deposit, the percentage offered by the casino operators, and the upper limit set by the operators. Irrespective of your deposit, the maximum you can earn from the offer is determined by its upper limit.

Is it safe to use a first deposit bonus?

Earning and claiming this bonus does not pose any additional risk to the poker player. Therefore it is very safe to use and win. However, it is important to watch out for safety features in the Casino you are signing up for, as you do not want to subscribe to a casino that will compromise your personal information or your credit card details.

How to find the best deposit bonus in Australia?

For Aussies on the outlook for the best deposit bonus, the following factors should be considered;
Total Bonus Accruable: How much you can earn is a function of two things – the percentage offered and the upper limit, which is set by operators. Don’t be so carried away with the percentage offer that you forget to consider to consider the upper limit placed by the operator.
Cashable or Uncashable: One thing that is worthy of note is that not all first deposit bonuses are cashable; some are non-cashable. The difference between the two is: cashable bonuses can be withdrawn alongside the earnings you made with them. However, non-cashable cannot be withdrawn; only the earnings made with the bonus are withdrawable.
Wagering requirements: It is also not uncommon to find first deposit bonuses with wagering requirements; this ensures profitability for the operators, and you have to meet this requirement before you can cash out your earning, it is best to be on the outlook for offers with minimum wagering requirements and avoid those with very stringent requirements.
Expiry Date: In the world of Casino, bonuses expire. The expiration of a casino bonus also varies from one operator to the next. It is best to seek one with a longer expiry date because earnings will be retracted if you do not meet your wagering requirement at the end of the expiry date.
Finding the best deposit bonus in Australia will require that you study closely the terms and conditions of the Casino you are signing up for, and you consider the points that have been highlighted above. The best deposit bonus will be one that has the highest deposit bonus accruable, is cashable, has low wagering requirement, and has a longer expiry date.

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