Choy Sun Doa Pokie

How many have heard of Choy Sun Doa online slot? You may be wondering if there’s any online slot bearing such name, but you’d be surprised to know that this slot machine is one of the most popular slots in the industry. Most especially in Australia and Macau, you would find this slot almost everywhere you turn. The slot’s first version was released as a land-based slot but has translated to the online world through the help of NYX Gaming and Heart of Vegas.
The game is a nice game to try out as you can start by playing for free on our platform before you stake your money. The meaning of the word translates to God of Wealth or Prosperity in English. The online pokie reels are home to high paying symbols, and thanks to its ageless Asian theme and fantastic gameplay players continue to remain captivated by this game.

Choy Sun Doa Pokie – Themes & Graphics

The Choy Sun Doa slot comes with an Asian theme which makes it quite popular among the Macaus and Australians. The symbols used in the game represent the signs of luck in Chinese culture. Examples of such symbols include gold ingots, coins, or jade rings. The overall experience of this game is vibrant and bright, giving players extra gaming experience.

With the increase of the Chinese in playing casino games within the region, casino games have become a huge deal in the industry. As the percentage of players rise, the pokie game developers decided to come up with something that resonates with the native, and they came up with Choy Sun Doa. This game allows players to meddle with the Chinese culture and understand many of their symbols which are associated with good luck.
There is a reason why this game is associated as one of Aristocrat’s top-selling game, and that reason is due to its vibrant graphics. From the first scene, which is a set up as a misty backdrop, you would know you’re in for serious entertainment. The playing section has delicate tracery covered in Asian Gold colours and red. This section is also decorated with Jade crystals to give players the feeling of good fortune. The graphics have lots of bright primary colours and golden outlines which translates the Asian feeling.

Choy Sun Doa Pokie- Buttons

The paytable of this beautifully designed free slot sees Aristocrat change its pattern from the winning lines to the ways to win formula. So rather than place bets on the number of payline per stake, you just bet generally and if you land any of the ways to win, you go home with a prize.
The game has 243 ways to win so players can cash out from each symbol when it situates in adjacent reels no matter its position. Here there is no need for combos as you have to get matching symbols on adjacent reels starting from the leftmost reels.
Instead of staking per payline, the player stake on how may reels would be incorporated into their gameplay. Bear in mind that the more reels the player purchases per spin, the greater their multiplier effect, which increases their chances of getting that big win.
There is an autospin feature where a player gets to choose anywhere from five to hundred spins. The number of spins increases by five as the player uses the feature.

Choy Sun Doa Pokie- How to Play

To partake of the fun system offered by Choy Sun Doa is quite easy. The online pokie offers elements that make sure every partakes of its fun and entertaining experience and stand an opportunity to win a big payout. To play this game, you have to initiate the first move by tapping on the green spin button on the right of the reels.
Before tapping the spin button, you need to select your stake by tapping on the spanner icon. This will lead to a new screen where you can choose the number of reels to incorporate to your game. After that, you select the coins and choose the auto spins you want to play that way, or you click on the spin button to initiate the process.
The limit of stake you can set in this game range from $0.01 up to $4.00 per spin, which is the maximum stake. You can change your stake at any time you feel like according to how you’re faring with your gameplay.
Players get to select between five to hundred auto spins which increases by five times with each selection. Even though you’re new to this game, you would see that you got hold of the game quickly.

Choy Sun Doa Pokie- Game Features

Like most free pokie, Choy Sun Doa offers players wilds and scatter features which they can use to increase their winning chances. The Choy Sun Doa symbol represents the game’s wild symbol. He increases the chances of the player attaining a winning line when he appears. He only appears on the second, third and fourth reels while he can replace every other symbol except the scatter.
The beautifully crafted ingot represents the scatter symbol. If you get three or more of these symbols across the reels, you will trigger the bonus feature. Once this feature is activated, you will be taken to another screen where you are asked to choose between several free games and multipliers.
As a rule of law, I advise that you monitor the number of free spins you select because the lower the number of free spins received, the higher the potentials of multipliers. But you can also choose a higher number of spins with a lower multiplier depending on what you prefer.

Choy Sun Doa Pokie RTP & Volatility

The developers of this free slot set the RTP of this game at 95 per cent. If you’re new to pokies, this means that if a player was to spend $1.00 on every game they play at a particular time, they can expect to win $0.95 back, but it doesn’t work as smooth as this explanation. However, you can get more clarification about the RTP system.
The game offers a high medium winning combination for its volatility. We tested the volatility by giving it a hundred spins, and we were able to win about thirty combos. That is a win rate of thirty per cent, so you expect to get winning combos at least once in every three games. This is an interesting gaming experience I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on.

Choy Sun Doa Pokie- Tips for the beginners

There are a few tips you need to know as a beginner to help you increase your earnings. Here are a few of them to help increase your playing chances.
Always make sure you play your games at licensed casinos because some of these games have been hacked, which exposes the players to the risk of losing money. Therefore the last thing anyone would want is to play where they’re not sure of their earnings.
Before settling down for this slot, give other free slots a trial to be sure this is the game you want to play because there are other games with much better and easier playing patterns which would help you get better playing experience.

Choy Sun Doa Pokie – Tips for the seasoned player

As a seasoned player who knows what playing at a casino feels like, you may already have skills and tips that work for you. However, I will give you some clear cut advice to help you scale your bankroll.
Select games wisely: Before you select a game, you need to consider certain things such as payout, the number of reels, winning combinations and jackpots. All these are important to have a pleasant gaming experience. Know their value and know their worth, and it would help you considerably.
Bet the maximum: This would get all your lines in on the action while the gameplay is in process. Whenever you decide to play slots, you should consider betting to the maximum as this would increase your chances of winning big.

Choy Sun Doa Pokie- Slots On Mobile – Android, IPhones And Tablets

You can gain access to this online slot through your tablet or mobile devices. You do not need to download any app as you can play the game directly from your web browser. Make sure your phone has a stable internet connection before you log on this platform to enjoy the experience.


Is there any similar game to Choy Sun Doa Pokie to play?

Yes. There are quite a few games like the Choy Sun Doa pokie. You can try out Lucky 88, which is another fantastic game from Aristocrat.

Do users play Choy Sun Doa for real money online?

No. This feature is not available. You can only play this online machine for real money in live casinos.

Does Choy Sun Doa offer any jackpot?

No. there is no jackpots on offer in this game.

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