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When gaming on an online casino, there are various choices for a player. You can play on a slot machine, a virtual blackjack table, a poker table: Craps, or any other available virtual games. Slots have grown in popularity over the years and one of these is the gold finding game titled “Where’s The Gold“. The game originated from Australia and was created by Aristocrat. During later years, the slot game was pushed out to online casinos who stocked Aristocrat games.
Local laws have limited these games’ fun factor as new regulations do not allow Australians to play the game for real money anymore. They are only allowed to play it for recreational purposes (players in other parts of the world aren’t affected by this regulation). Since its creation in 2003, where the Gold has thrilled players worldwide and allowed them to play and earn real money. Over time, the game has attracted numerous fans worldwide who have become devoted to the slot.
Where’s the Gold features a lot of elements that encourage players to play the game. RTPs, free spins, bonuses, and real money bets make the slot a gaming paradise. In this review, we are going to examine the various parts that make up this slot machine. We will discuss all the relevant information you need to decide if you want to play this game. RTPs, free spins, and how to win big are all areas that will be covered. Here is our comprehensive review of Where’s the Gold gaming machine:

How Where’s the Gold Slot Machine Works

Just like all other slot machines, players would need to get the right combination to win. The gameplay is quite simple and direct. Some featured characters in the game include Findo, Mary Money, Professor Gold, Winnie Fortune, and Nugget Ned. These characters all feature in the spins and help you on your quest to discover your golden nugget. The game aims to get three dynamite symbols in a spin while players can bet and hope for a payout. Depending on how skillful a player is, they can win the jackpot or double their winnings through bonus rounds or regular rounds.
When the lever is pulled and the reels are spinning, players hope reels of the same symbols align when the spinning has stopped. To win the largest prize, all reels must have the dynamite symbol on them. Other symbols aligning can bring winnings to a player and various bonuses, leading to bigger payouts. The cool animations and little payouts keep players hooked and spinning for hours. It incentivizes players to keep gaming because almost every spin has a prize for the player.
There are also special bets that can be made by players. This gamble feature allows players to stake their winnings on an all-out wager. Players can bet on default suits that have a payout of 3-1 or bet on the colors red or black, which has a payout of 1-1.

Where’s The Gold Free Spins

Free spins are a part of almost all slot games but getting these spins is a challenge for most players. When playing Where’s The Gold, free spins are triggered when you have three dynamite symbols out of the 5 available reels. As with all slots, free spins give players an edge. It allows them more opportunities to win big without the pressure of placing a wager on the machine. These spins usually range between 1 and 10 depending on how lucky a player is since they are assigned at random. The more three dynamites you find, the more free spins you get.
When you have triggered the free spin bonus, you are asked to pick any of your favourite characters to assist with the spin. Once you have chosen this character, the slot machine will randomly assign you three symbols that will act as the wild when you spin the reels that round. Players can trigger bonus spins during a free spin round and this can help players maximize their earnings.

Where’s The Gold RTP

The Where’s the Gold slot machine has an RTP percentage score of 95. This puts this slot in the medium volatility range for slot machines and it is safe to play. The return-to-players system is a term used for the probability of a player’s returns on wagered spins. The higher this percentage, the better the slot is for players. It is important for players to check the RTP on various slot machines to determine where they are on the payout scale. Machines with low percentages guarantee that you will lose more money than you will hope to win so it is important that you avoid these machines.

Payouts on Where’s The Gold Pokie

Where’s the Gold offers players a world of winnings with the way it is set up. Bonus spins can be triggered and the stake gets more competitive with every combination on the reels. The slot machine does not offer progressive jackpots (a system where payouts are linked across various machines and winners have the potential of their rewards being tripled through cumulative jackpots). Each machine is independent and the winnings are local to each machine. Although these winnings are not as much as the progressive jackpot, the outcome could be as impressive and the paytable could be quite large.
To win, players have to line up there or more dynamite symbols. This act also triggers a free spin which entails players picking a special character (which all have a number of free spins attached to them although none has more than 10). Players can win a total of 10 free spins and 3 wild gold symbols. Wild gold symbols fill in other symbols and create winning combinations (excluding dynamites) for players. Payouts on Where’s the Gold are dependent on what players spin and with an RTP of 95%, you can be sure there’s a payout for every player.

Where’s The Gold Pokie Paylines

Where’s the Gold has a maximum of 25 Paylines. Players are urged to pick the highest Payline in order to maximize their payouts. Simply put, a Payline is a combination of symbols that guarantee your wins when matched on the reels. Originally, slot machines had one pay line but modern slots have evolved to increase these Paylines and maximize players chances of winning. Players can select between 1 and 25 paylines to determine their paytable. Where’s the Gold is a suitable slot machine for players who have a moderate appetite for risk and are willing to play on the edge. You can either place your bets per Payline or per spin depending on your preference. As with other games that offer jackpot prizes, you are only eligible if you wager on all betting lines. You should note that your wager will increase if you place a bet on each betting payline.

Wager Boundaries in Where’s The Gold Pokie

The maximum betting amount on Where’s The Gold is $5 while the minimum amount is $0.5. This amount is gotten when you wager on the 25 Paylines. Bets that are in the minimum will generate lower payouts than those of the maximum bets. You can also take care of the autoplay function if you do not want to spin all the time. This would require you to set your bets and leave the machine to keep auto spinning till you are out of spins. Where’s the Gold slot machine is a well-positioned game that allows both risk-takers and conservative players to place bets and win without any pressure.

FAQs Section for Where’s The Gold Slot

Can I play Where’s The Gold slot machines for free?

No, you cannot currently play Where’s The Gold slot for free. You can get free spins during the game, which will maximize your chances of winning. You could also take advantage of their welcome bonus if you want to test the game before using your money to game.

Where can I play Where’s The Gold online pokies for real money?

You can play Where’s the Gold online slots at any casino that hosts Aristocrat games. Due to the regulations that prevent Australians from playing the game for real money, Aristocrat has licensed it’s game for players in other locations to play and win real money. Check online directories to see what online casinos stock Aristocrat games.

Where’s The Gold slot machine type:

Where’s the Gold is a slot machine game. In slots, players pull a lever and spin to get various outcomes and win the jackpot. Some slots are free to play but Where’s the Gold is not. You can win free spins during the game to maximize your chances of earning large payouts.

Can I play Where’s The Gold pokie on my phone?

Yes, you can. If you have an account with a Mobile casino who stock Aristocrat games, you can play the game from the convenience of your mobile device.

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